Learnstream is a site about organizing the endless data of the web to help you learn. This tool allows you to collect links and documents and put them together as richly annotated guides, which you can share with everyone, just your friends, or keep entirely private. Some people use Learnstream for its knowledge discovery features, others to present guides they've built, and some use it as a personal bookmarking tool.

Learnstream is built by Michael Holroyd, Scott Maher, Aaron Sun, and Karen Sun. We made this tool partially because we thought it would be fun, but also to solve a common problem around structuring the vast amount of raw data on the web in a way that is personally meaningful to us, and our friends. The more we use Learnstream, the more we think of all kinds of great features.

Learnstream is built using Scala, Play, ElasticSearch, and PostgreSQL. In the future we'll probably switch over to just using Scala, Akka, and ElasticSearch.